What and Where Are Worthy Dissertation Topics? (part 1)
07.03.2013 14:12


The concept of worthiness in discourse is somehow, scary. For one, grabbing dissertation topics worthy
of focus is not easy, especially if you don’t have any inkling as to what is worthy. To help are these
1. It’s worthy when it involves interesting variables. Now, ‘interesting’ may be another vague
word; hence, you are advised to take it at its most immediate connotations – appealing to the
writer (you) and the audience.
2. It’s worthy when its impact to stakeholders is great. Of course, everything just could be great
as long as one learns to magnify its effects; however, when dissertation topics or a topic poses a
genuine significance in its stakeholders (thus, the remarkable impact) – the potential to become
the final focus is with merit.
Extra Hint: With great stakeholder-impact, substantiating its value to your adviser, or panel
won’t be much work. It may take one look, and the contribution is well-understood.
3. It’s worthy when it causes a stir of a change. When it opts to solve a problem or to proffer
alternatives – it attempts a form of positive change. When it identifies the root cause of an
issue, and exposes it – it attempts to enlighten. A topic that pushes action is indubitably


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