What and Where Are Worthy Dissertation Topics? (part 2)


Now that you know what’s worthy, it’s an opportune time to dig for such quality dissertation topics.
Check for your topics in these sources:
• You. Your head may be bursting of ideas. Put them all in paper. Leave them for some
time. Then return to see if it still looks worthy for you. Some of it may be worth discarding.
Otherwise, some could still undergo a bit of rephrasing, editing and viola! You got it.
• Courseworks. Now, you’re going to discover a refreshing way to use those courseworks,
say those marketing essay Reading them once again, you might find unresolved issues or
findings – of which are worthy to be explored via the discourse process.
• Literature & research. These are also good sources of issues and conflicts. The old-
fashioned way of digging from this source is by perusing and finding what’s not yet written
or studied. That’s closely targeting originality!
• In field. You may hate sitting and waiting for ideas to reveal from your head. You may have
also thrown or misplaced your courseworks, so there’s nothing to dig. And, oh, how you
hate the scent of libraries and search engines. To freshen up your mood, get close to the
field of which you somehow foresee to focus your study. Perhaps, it could give the issues
your head, courseworks, or library failed to provide.
With indicators of worthiness and sources at tow, what else are you waiting for? Take your pick.


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