Why You Need to be Serious When Writing a Dissertation


Writing a dissertation is a very lengthy, very complex and very complicated project, unlike writing linguistic essays. Thinking about this academic project alone brings chills to a university student’s spine. Imagine how intimidated a student would be once he hears that he has to write and submit a 10,000-word paper that entails both intensive and extensive research. Imagine how anxious a student would be once he hears that he has to commence a project he has never taken up before. 
Indeed, this project – which spans from choosing dissertation topics to final editing and proofreading – is not something that that a university student has to take lightly. If a university student is not serious on this dissertation writing project, he would fail to come up with a paper on which his academic future depends. Universities and colleges are requiring their students to write and submit dissertations as prerequisites for their graduation and degree. Their failure to submit this project could lead to failure to graduate and failure to receive their respective degrees. The stake is too high for dissertations to be taken for granted.
A student who is indeed serious in this very significant academic project will consider every element to achieve desired results and attain dissertation success. To start with, a student will not just choose any topic for his dissertation. Indeed, there are many dissertation topics to choose from, but only a few would suit a student. Why? It is because every student has his own interests, own strengths and weakness and own limitations and constraints. The situation is different for every student and his ability to elegantly discuss and tackle a topic depends on his own circumstance. Nevertheless, one’s dissertation topic should be relevant and practical to his chosen field.
Aside from choosing a right one from many dissertation topics, a student should also make a good plan for this project. A dissertation is a taxing project – it requires a student to devote a lot of his time and exert a lot of effort. Whether a student admit or not, having a good plan will allow him proceed with the project more effectively and more efficiently. A good plan will always serve to the student’s full advantage.
Although dissertation writing is a difficult project to accomplish, it is not an impossible one. As long as a student is serious about this project, success is easy to attain.
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