Issues of Concern in Your Dissertation Topic


At a glance, coming up with something specific might be easy. You start with the most specific phrase that you can come up. Then you narrow it down by creating ‘branch-inducing’ questions to each variable of the phrase.
The whole process of narrowing it down commences until no more ‘branching’ question could come out of it. Easy, it may seem indeed. However, apply all the considerations involved in the long and rigorous process of discourse writing, and the dissertation topic becomes impossible.
Perhaps, you need to flock unto your supervisor. You may have him or her facilitate ways through which brainstorming for potential themes are feasible. There’s a whole lot of fun in trying to work against a steep mountain of considerations.
One thing is clear here; you need to read further sections to find out:
Making it Specific
The dissertation topic needs to embody the research question you would want to answer. You start it with selecting a specific area in your field and evaluating its worthiness for the research process. Perhaps, the answer provides an answer that will add to the existing bodies of knowledge on the topic. Or, it might not necessarily provide a direct solution, but a path towards that solution.
An anti-ambiguity campaign
The answer should be as clear as the question. Sure enough, there are variables here and there; but what students are trying to arrive at is a finality that is indubitable. Now, how to make a multiple- variable piece such as a discourse reach its definite state is the job of the student – thus, all the research, analysis and writing.
Scale is for you
It may be outstanding to come up with a dissertation topic that is unexpectedly too “ahead”, say a scope similar to that of the graduate students. But if students do not really have such profound access or skill, or sufficient duration to deliver its claim, why opt for an advance level theme?
It got to be striking
Otherwise, you will find it hard to proceed and complete each and every chapter. To maintain such interest in it, you will also have to formulate a title that will encapsulate the factor that caught you. This is feasible with particular verbs, or jargons. A word of caution: do this manner of creating the titles, whilst adhering to your institution’s academic conventions.
If it were a marketing essay.
Then, there’s no need to look at considerations. There’s no need to watch for the most specific theme
because most coursework questions are already devised by your tutors. All the work that’s left to do is
to identify what the expected output is through the question. Unfortunately, this is not the picture for


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