Leadership is Sincere Concern

Leadership is essential, anywhere we go. This is because wherever go find ourselves, we 

almost always find an environment or a system. These involves factors which include 

organisation. An organisation is an entity composed of people and some resources. It is a 

group of people and the said resources with a common goal. So that the people can work 

towards the goal, they have to unite and they do so with a leader.


Leadership and Bossmanship


Leaders are present anywhere we go. Supervisors and managers are leaders. Some of them 

may be "bosses" but most of them have leadership qualities. In fact, they need to act as 

leaders. Yes, they may perform their functions by using the "boss" qualities but still they 

cannot avoid lead. Leading is different from commanding as a boss. Bosses are usually 

owners and employers. But they too also need to be leaders. Most of the time, goals are 

better achieved through leadership than ownership. There are many different types of 

leadership and one best among them is leadership through sincere concern. Its strength 

is on the trust, respect and sincerity shown to the members that motivate them to work 

better so that the common goal will be achieved.




To be a leader with sincere concern, you have to show that you trust your members. 

Make them know that you trust that they have honesty and that you trust their abilities 

to perform their tasks. Entrust to them the success of the whole team by them doing their 

share. Do not engage in fault finding, finger-pointing and blaming.




Alongside trust is the respect. When you trust your subordinates, you respect them. 

moreover, you see to it that you take care of their feelings, preserve their well being and 

uplift their morale. Identify their individual strengths, make use of them and acknowledge 

them. Know their weaknesses and help them overcome them. If possible, facilitate skill 

building. For example, if your staff need to improve in their written communication, you 

can contact essay writing services to help in training them.




Show the people under you that you are not flattering them so that they will work for 

you and your plans. You must make them feel that you do not have personal vested 

interests that you are protecting and want to promote. You can do this by asking them 

what are their career goals and what things give them fulfillment. See to it that you ask 

them, listen more and talk less. Do not be manipulative. Cultural differences between 

superiors and subordinates is a topic in linguistic essays because of the possible contorted 

communication. This is where sincerity is much more needed. Even with the different 

language, a sincere tone will always come across.

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