Do’s and Don’ts in Writing Quality Marketing Essays
15.02.2013 11:20

What are these good things about writing a marketing essay? Well, perhaps one of them isthat writing a marketing essay allows a student to pick up more knowledge learn more aboutthe subject or the course. Another good thing about writing a marketing essay is that it allowsa student to gain certain abilities like better research and writing skills. Also, a good thingin writing a marketing essay is that it allows a student to get good grades, especially if the submitted piece is a quality one.

If a student wants to experience these good things, he should endeavour to write quality marketing essays. Below are some do’s and don’ts in writing a quality marketing essay.
DO write down the instructions. They will guide the student all throughout the essay writing process. Writing down the instructions will allow the student to have a reference whenever he forgets the details.
DO NOT dare to ignore the given instructions. If the student writes his marketing essay according to his own will, then he risks not being able to live up to the quality standard set by his professor.
DO select a topic that is relevant. Of course, the student should choose a topic that is in line with the current or recent lessons, since is expanding his knowledge about them.
DO NOT decide on a topic that does not match your personal interests. The student’s interest in the topic determines how much effort, time and resources he would spend in writing his marketing essays.
DO draft an outline for your marketing essay. There is no much better way to organise the contents of a marketing essay than drafting an outline. An essay or a dissertation outline  is sure the best way to make sure that an academic paper is readable and understandable.
DO NOT gather data and information from unreliable sources. If a student place data and information that are somewhat beyond reality, his marketing essay will become not incredible and hard to believe.
DO write and rewrite your marketing essay. A good quality marketing essay is typically a product of major changes and modifications. This means that if a student decides that a certain draft is not good enough, he could rewrite it until its quality satisfies him.
DO NOT write a conclusion that introduces a new point. The conclusion closes the essay, not open it to another venue of discussion.
DO proofread your marketing essays. A marketing essay that underwent thorough proofreading is usually free of any mistake in grammar, spelling or punctuation.
DO NOT submit beyond the deadline. Deadlines are meant to be respected. A student risks his essay rejected if he submits it beyond the deadline.


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